Green Fuel Nordic Oy

We are a biorefining company based in Finland. Our business model is based on utilising innovative, commercially used pyrolysis technology in the production of advanced bio-oil.

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Bio-oil is well suited for use as fuel in heat production. In addition, it can be further refined into transport fuels to replace fossil fuels. Bio-oil can also be used as a raw material in the chemicals industry.

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Bio-ash can be used as forest fertilizer, for example, as granulated ash provides nutrients with long-term effects. Approximately 2 tons of bio-ash per day is created as a bio-oil by-product.

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The Green Fuel Nordic bio-oil production process comprises multiple parts, working together to form a functioning bio-oil refinery. In the refinery, renewable wood-based material is turned into advanced bio-oil.

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How We Support Sustainable Development

We want bio-oil to be a responsible fossil fuel alternative by keeping our business efficient and supporting locality. By doing so, we facilitate sustainability in the refinement of advanced liquid biofuels, in which we are currently a true trailblazer.

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Biofuels and the Challenges of a Changing World

Transitioning to a low-carbon economy is one of the strong global megatrends of our time. Reducing energy consumption and replacing fossil resources with renewable materials are crucial steps on the path to realizing this development.

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Organizational changes at Green Fuel Nordic Oy


GFN announces appointments of the CEO, CFO, Suistainability Manager and HR, Communications and Sustainability Specialist.

Green Fuel Nordic and Fortum have signed supply agreement


Green Fuel Nordic starts to deliver Bio-Oil to Fortum’s heating plant in Vermo, Espoo. Bio-oil replaces fossil fuel use in the plant.


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