Premise of our operations


We offer a lucrative and local alternative to fossil fuels. We are a frontrunner in refining second-generation liquid biofuels.

Profitability is prerequisite for long-term business. By offering a competitive, local and sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, we are helping to build an economically and ecologically sustainable future for our customers and for society.

Being local means that we engage in distributed energy production. This leads to ecological benefits and it means jobs and well-being in the communities where we have operations.

We strengthen our own competitiveness by being at the vanguard of development in second-generation liquid biofuels – from the sourcing of feedstock to the end product. 

Green Fuel Nordic’s mission is realized through our values.


• Frontrunner   
• Vitality
• Ethics
• Ecologic
• Open-mindness

Our values guide all our operations and our decision-making.


We are the most successful refiner of local liquid biofuels in our market areas.

Our vision communicates that we are serious. For us, the words ”most successful” mean that we are the best alternative in the eyes of our customers, partners, raw material suppliers, personnel and potential employees, and other stakeholders. We believe this is visible also in our financial performance.


Our strategy communicates how we will achieve our vision. Green Fuel Nordic’s strategy has six main areas:

1. Controlled and profitable growth
2. Markets’ most effective biorefinery project implementation in collaboration with technology suppliers
3. Advanced operational know-how of biorefineries
4. Competitive and sustainable sourcing of feedstock
5. Competitive alternative to industrial energy production, and strategic, long-term partnerships
6. Commercialization of new applications for liquid biofuels

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