Job vacancies

Green Fuel Nordic Oy is planning to start bio-oil production in Finland at the biorefinery to be constructed in Soinlahti, Iisalmi.

To fulfill the needs of the refinery, Green Fuel Nordic and the Iisalmi Employment and Economic Development Office are collaborating in the launch of training for about 60 people. The goal is for the future workers at the biorefinery to have the skills and qualifications to work as multi-skilled employees in different production positions.

Nine of the individuals to be trained will be white-collar employees, who will work in the company's management, finances, HR, development, HSQR, sales, logistics and IT positions. Production will employ 30 multi-skilled individuals, and a total of 21 individuals will be in automation, electricity and mechanical maintenance, laboratory and production control.

The general training covering the entire new personnel will last 3–5 months. After the general training, the training paths will diverge depending on the job positions. This phase of training will last about 1–3 months. After the equipment start-up and testing phase, the actual precise training for different tasks begins. Its estimated duration is 3–4 months.


Please contact the Iisalmi Employment and Economic Development Office (TE Office) for more information about the Green Fuel Nordic project!
The phone number for the TE Office is +358 (0)295 043 500.


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