Values guide our activities

We operate in line with our values and with the sustainability principles embodied in them. We aspire to be a sustainable bio-economy frontrunner in second-generation liquid biofuels. We are open-minded and challenge conventional business models that are based on the use of fossil fuels. Our shared values guide how we interact with each other at the workplace, and they communicate the kind of leadership we value.

Our values are:


    • We realize things that others only dream about – we are frontrunners.
    • We anticipate changes in our operating environment and respond to changes with agility when needed.
    • We have the capacity to change both at the personal and organizational level.
    • Continuous improvement of operations keeps us a step ahead of others.


    • We produce added value for all our stakeholders.
    • Our operations are financially sustainable.
    • Collaboration within our company and with different stakeholders is a central source of vitality for us.


    • We operate responsibly with all our stakeholders.
    • We are reliable.
    • We offer our personnel a safe and pleasant work environment and the opportunity for continuous development.


    • Sustainability principles guide our activities.
    • Eco-efficiency is an important goal for us in all our operations.
    • Our end product, second-generation liquid biofuel, is an important step towards a bioeconomy. We are proud of this.


    • We are curious and open, as individuals and as an organization.  
    • We challenge our own and our operating environment's conventional business models.
    • We are willing to take controlled risks. For us, this means e.g.  actively pursuing new application areas together with strategic partners.

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